Bomo Bulk


Jess Bromley from Bomo Bulk is passionate about mindful shopping, by providing the Shoalhaven with local organic produce and the opportunity to buy in bulk to reduce costs. With a beautiful store-front premises located in Nowra CBD and the ability to shop online, Bomo Bulk continues to support the community across the South Coast who want to eat well, waste less and share more.

Bomo Bulk - Mindful Shopping
Bomo Bulk - Organic Produce

Mindful shopping is growing within the community with more and more people looking for healthier eating options, whether it be for medial or lifestyle reasons. Jess at Bomo Bulk in Nowra offers a large range of yummy local organic food alternatives.

Bomo Bulk are not just limited to offering organic food options for their customers, but ALSO organic household cleaning products too. We love that!

Good healthy food doesn’t need to be hard – with just a little forward planning you can achieve delicious meal options for you and family that bring satisfaction knowing you created it from scratch. When you make things from scratch, you can do anything!

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It’s wonderful to see your business growing – keep up the great work Jess!


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