Accounting Is Easy With Xero


With the help of Xero online cloud accounting software, small business owner Liz Anderson (from White Earth Essentials) is able to spend more time with her clients and focusing on her business.

White Earth Essentials
White Earth Essentials

Liz found that with the introduction of single touch payroll, the decision to manage her business accounting via the cloud with Xero was great!

It helped to not only eliminate the manual aspect of accounting and solve the single touch payroll issue but also made her BAS and year end tax reconciliation so much easier with just a few clicks of a button!

At Bosco Accounting you are not just a number… it’s a real personal experience.

Using cloud accounting in your business means you (the client) have more control over your accounting… which, as a business owner is very empowering.

Now that’s “Doing Business Like A Boss”!

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