Benefits Of Using A Bookkeeper

Why would a Bookkeeper benefit your business – I hear you ask?

Picture this… the weekend is fast approaching, you’re looking forward to a cruisy one – number one on your list – testing out the smashed avocado at the new café down the road.

However, you’ve had a bumper week in sales, made a STACK of stock purchases and next minute, the unreconciled list in your accounting software is out of control.

Suddenly Saturday brunch is pushed aside for a number crunch… ouch!

There has got to be an easier way?! Sounds like you need a bookkeeper!


Bookkeepers are an invaluable asset in your accounting dream team. They help reduce the hours you have to spend managing your accounting software by providing a number of time-saving services including;

  • Setting up your software subscription (managing the chart of account, setting up automatic bank feeds)
  • Coding (allocating) of transactions in your bank feeds to their correct accounts
  • Help automate your accounting systems through bank rules
  • Help you digitally manage your receipts through receipt capture apps.
  • Complete bank reconciliations to make sure there’s no duplicate transactions.


Even better news – we have a team of awesome bookkeepers in-house who can provide these services and more.

With our focus on cloud-based accounting (eg MYOB, Xero), we can perform all of your bookkeeping tasks remotely – so you can just set and forget. We’ll reach out to you when we need anything… but we’re also super approachable, so you can reach out to us anytime too!

Now picture the same scenario from before… you see the sales climbing, your index finger is hovering over the ‘Add to cart’ button, a bead of sweat drips down your forehead as you realise that it will be yet another transaction to code, then you realise that you got Bosco to do your bookkeeping, so now while we’re doing your “Bookkeeping like a Boss”, you can do “Saturday Brunch like a Boss” – Nice One!

Contact our team to discuss how a bookkeeper can help your business.