Be Green, Invoice From The Screen

Most people won’t admit it, but they like money. They like getting paid. (At this point anyone who is self-employed or has a small business are all nodding in agreement…)


A typical scenario would look like this…

So, after much hard work you finish the job. Then towards the end of the day (and after your 18th cup of coffee), you make out an invoice and send it to your customer. Maybe by email. Maybe by snail mail. Sometime down the track you get paid. You know because the money hits your account. Until then you wait… {insert chirping crickets}



How about this instead?…

So, after much hard work you finish the job. Then you… get straight onto the invoicing app on your smartphone or tablet, knock out an invoice (which will look snazzy as you have a personalised invoice for just such an occasion) and email it to your customer. The professional looking payment section immediately grabs their attention and, like magic, you’re paid. You even get notified when the payment is made. Instantly getting a snapshot of any invoices (paid or unpaid) is as easy as checking the app on your device. Wherever. Whenever.

And, best of all, you didn’t print a single piece of paper. How green are you! [insert cheering crowd]

But seriously, using online invoicing will save you time and money. It will help you get paid faster, increase your cash flow and provide a professional looking service for your business. And best of all digital invoicing can easily tie in with existing accounting software you may already use to make your business processes far more effective.

If you like to get paid and want to make life easier, just call us. Contact our office anytime to discuss how you can start using digital invoicing within your business.

We’re here to help (and get you paid).